Monday, April 17, 2006

What Do I Want This Blog to Be?... or Become???

Per my last post, I have a LiveJournal devoted JUST to Ball-Jointed Dolls...

I used to post my art jobs and appearances and some other things over on my website...

I have a journal-like thing over on Deviant--but I've been mostly posting BJD stuff there, too.

This Blog, entitled so, was probably meant to fill the need of... well... just about anything. But I'm now finding that I don't want an all-over blog, since it begins to repeat a bit of what I have on other blogs...

So now I am stymied... Should I re-shape this blog? Should I reshape the others? Oh, decisions, decisions!!! I DO need a blog for art stuff... but perhaps I ought to keep that on my webpage. Or perhaps I ought to make the Deviant Journal art-related?

I could use a site for reviews--of books and films. I could use a frivolous site for just rambling.... The title of this blog ought to encompass that well enough, but for some reason the look of the site just doesn't seem frivolous enough. It lacks all the silly little emoticons that tell people I'm feeling sleepy or anxious and allows bits of music or whatever.

Now some people seem to have only one site and get it all nice and customized and linked up with friends and use it as they will. That would make like easier, wouldn't it? Why must I be such a maverick? It's not as if I post enough for three or four blogs, quite the contrary!

This will bear some thought... although hopefully not a LOT of thought, since I really should be more careful of my time. After all, it subtracts from my blogging time!

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