Wednesday, January 12, 2005

My Latest Compulsion/Obsession (BJDs)

There seems to be a theme starting with these posts... Addiction to babbling, the urge to collect, buying high-ticket items such as a laptop... I might as well just go with it.

I've gone and acted upon the whole Super Dollfie, or Ball-Jointed Doll (which is the more generic term, since Super Dollfie is the brand name for Volks dolls, and my sights are currently aimed at Dollfie-like dolls made by other companies) thing.

Oh, come on, you knew it was only a matter of time, right? I was already a doll collector--have been since I was young. I wasn't too into the whole Barbie scene as a kid, mostly because my mom seemed to want to discourage it (ha--and see what happens, parents! Let my state be a lesson!). I've been collecting (rather than playing) with dolls for years, although I'm not a hard-core collector of anything in specific... Just lots of different things in a non-methodical way.

I must say that this BJD-thing is a tad crazier in scope (read: expense) than anything I've done so far... so it seems that my sickness is increasing! Ah--I kid! I'm not exactly spending myself out of hearth and home, so it remains just a hair on this side of healthy as far as hobbies go. As others have said, some people spend on clothes and jewelry... others spend on dolls. Whatever makes 'em happy!

And I can definitely use the distraction. Yeah, I know... it's an excuse, but I'm still going to rationalize things that way!

So... I last left off scanning ebay and various websites for all things dollfie.

And that led to SD FAQs, which was extremely helpful to a noobie BJD wannabee collector.

And that led to THE forum for all things BJD, Den of Angels.

And that led to deciding upon the object of my desire for which I would spend far too much time and effort on.

This has become such an all encompassing interest that I've now got a blog over on LiveJournal that is JUST for my BJD hobby. So you'll have to wander over there to hear more about that!!! ;)

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