Sunday, May 03, 2009

Warlord CCG-- Bronze Dragon Shape-shifter Warlord

Here's another digital (PS7 and a wacom) Warlord CCG piece... He's a Bronze Dragon in human form, and one of the Warlords in the game. They wanted him standing on a cliff by the sea, but it was difficult to show the waves since an up-shot is more heroic than an overhead (where you could actually see what's below him). I had sketch versions of both and the client agreed with the idea of forgetting about showing the sea.

I usually don't like those even six-pack abs (if I can help it) but I thought it worked OK with the more dragon-y aspects of him--which are too subtle for words, actually (I think his pupils are slits, and his coloring perhaps, are the only hints).

I'm not much of a clothing designer... I have no idea what the well-dressed dragon warlord is wearing these days. As usual, just winging it...

Still need to do something about the Illustration Master Class coming up next month... Gah, so much to do, so little energy!

Oh, and I went temporarily insane and decided to join a group I know of who are going to Jamaica for a few days. I look forward to visiting the remains of Port Royal and anything the least bit pirate-y... Will be going in a few days, so will be off-line, probably, until next week.

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