Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Addicted to Babbling

All the world is a stage and we all want to play on it... have that 15 minutes of Fame... Carpe Diem... expose all your Dirty Linen... throw Stones in Glass Houses... or on a Reality or Talk Show... be Exploited... and hunted by Paparazzi... mix horrible metaphors... all Self-inflicted... (and abuse punctuation and grammar...)

Is it really a good thing to pollute the internet with everyone's ramblings?

Should one follow the crowd like so many lemmings?

Can it possibly be of any use to reveal just how inane one's inner-life truly is???

The wise would say, "no, no and no!" But being anything but wise, here I am wasting your time and mine with a blog!

So... are we all leading such useless lives that catching glimpses of other useless lives is that interesting to us?

I hope not. Maybe there's some deeper and more worthy need, such as merely the human connection? And yet... isn't it somewhat pathetic to try and fulfill this need through the internet???

I suppose I'll leave it to the Philosphers.

--So what do you think?


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