Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Collecting Gene

I think I must have some problem with compulsive behavior. Well, perhaps not, but I definitely must have the "Collecting Gene." You know, the urge that makes a person have the deep desire to collect things...

I don't have it super-bad. Not to the point that they'll find my dead body suffocated under masses of old newspapers in my apartment. But my condition is unfortunately close enough.

I love to shop. I love to buy things. Ebay is a main supplier, but hey--stores are EVERYWHERE... so I can't easily avoid pandering to my addiction.

It's a curious, but not an uncommon, phenomenon. I don't think I'm making up for not being loved or something traumatic in my childhood. But who knows? Most of us are rather horribly screwed up in some way by nature or nurture or both most likely. I will blame it on nature and say it must be in the genes.

Anyway, my current obsession is an extention of an old obsession. I've always liked dolls. I didn't have many when I was a kid, but I had a few. Now, with my own income, it's rather dangerous. But dolls--what's so bad about that? I'm a female, people-oriented, fashion-oriented, and I can use the excuse that dolls make great reference for paintings.

To be specific, I've been obsessing for the past week or so about Volks (Japanese company) Super Dollfie (type/size) dolls, and similar non-Volks dolls. I haven't quite acted on my obsession yet, although I've been sorely tempted. I've been interested before, but now there's more dollfie-type doll auctions on ebay, and I haunt ebay way too much, so it's become a bit more of a problem.

These things are EXPENSIVE. But I really, really, really want to have one. It'll be interesting to see if I manage to hold out. I usually can't resist the siren call of things I've wanted, but I'm also kinda cheap, so maybe the price will just keep me scared off. Although, bad sign, it's rather odd how views can be skewed and rationalized. To me, any doll above $200 is way too expensive. But super dollfies tend to run from $700 to $1,500. So $700 is starting to sound reasonable. Oh, dear...

Anyway--Super Dollfies... they are Japanese, with similar dolls made in Japan and Korea. They're usually about 21.6" tall and the eyes and wigs can be swapped out, as well as the clothes, of course. There are smaller ("mini" Dollfie) versions and non-"super" dollfies that are about the size of a Barbie. The Super Dollfies are the large ones. They're made out of resin and have a fair amount of joints/articulation.

This particular jag started when I saw a customized doll on ebay. It had a gorgeously painted face, nice wig(hairstyle), and a beautiful outfit. I just couldn't bring myself to bid, even though I came very, very close... It ended up selling for over $1k. *sigh*

The customizer (painter of the face/make-up and overall designer of the look --clothes, hair, etc.) is Satoko Ono, whose website is:

Satoko Ono's Custom Doll Site

The other pictures here are from the same website. No permission asked, but hopefully the link is some compensation...

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