Thursday, June 08, 2017

2013 -- San Diego ComicCon

(Posting old photos of stuff... after a big non-blogging gap!)

View from Diana Harlan Stein and my Exhibit Hall booth in the Fantasy Illustrators section--
 photo IMG_3204a_zps2feb4bb4.jpg

Cosplayers/costumers walking by--
 photo IMG_3203a_zps91a36d8d.jpg

 photo IMG_3200a_zps32143746.jpg

Pendragon Costumers across the aisle--
 photo IMG_3194a_zpsf7d2284c.jpg

The lovely Pam Ford--
 photo IMG_3190a_zpsdcb80b0a.jpg

Sean Astin --
 photo IMG_3185a_zpsc3d2bdfc.jpg

Lots of figures/sculptures--
 photo IMG_3158a_zpsb74c87b3.jpg

 photo IMG_3126a_zpscd08ad0d.jpg

Costumes from Winter Soldier--
 photo IMG_3120_zpsa67c1404.jpg

Television News Vans lined up--
 photo IMG_3078a_zps985d5a19.jpg

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