Thursday, June 08, 2017

IMC 2013 -- The Illustration Master Class

I love the IMC so much!!!  A week of wallowing in fantastic fantasy art!

Check it out:  Illustration Master Class IMC Website

They always sell out right away, so don't hesitate.
A core group of top-notch teachers working in traditional, digital, comics, gallery, children's book illustration:  Rebecca Guay, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Donato Giancola, Dan DosSantos, Greg Manchess, Scott M. Fischer.  Often with Iain McCaig and James Gurney.  With a main Guest Instructor, and many dropping by to give talks and lectures.

IMC 2013 had Mike Mignola as Guest Instructor (although he had to leave a few days early).

A list of assignments to pick from to work on during the week (held in Amherst, MA, in June), is given out beforehand.  We bring materials/supplies/computers to work on.  Live and eat together.

Around 100 students.

Auditorium for Lectures/Presentations--
 photo IMG_1693_zps9179a627.jpg

Crits on the first day, with 3 or 4 of the faculty--
 photo IMG_1696_zpsebeeaef0.jpg

Lecture on Shooting Reference, with Scott Fischer and Donato Giancola having some fun--
 photo IMG_1739_zpsd706df4d.jpg

Some of my rough sketches for the "A Midsummer Night's Dream" assignment--
 photo IMG_1757_zps38e88adf.jpg

More detailed sketch of Titania and Oberon--
 photo IMG_1892_zps1b101fb0.jpg

There are some models/drawing/painting sessions... this one has James Gurney doing some painting--
 photo IMG_1898_zps5072a658.jpg

Boris Vallejo--
 photo IMG_1920_zps725537f9.jpg

My oil painting, on 18x24" masonite, at my workstation--
 photo IMG_1921_zps22ba8006.jpg

Diana Harlan Stein, working on her Captain Nemo painting--
 photo IMG_1922_zps2cb7dbd3.jpg

We were in the first floor painting studio.  There was also a room upstairs, and another room just for digital (darker and no paint allowed!)--
 photo IMG_1938_zpsb0217251.jpg

Row of easels--
 photo IMG_1939_zps4b43a6df.jpg

Greg Manchess, painting--
 photo IMG_1941_zps4cb44cc2.jpg

Iain McCaig, Greg Manchess, and Donato Giancolo looking at artwork--
 photo IMG_1951_zps58cf27f9.jpg

Scott Fischer, painting--
 photo IMG_1960_zpsb68585df.jpg

Donato Giancola, painting--
 photo IMG_1967_zpsfc1d7ab0.jpg

Diana Stein, painting--
 photo IMG_1969_zpsc668f532.jpg

Rebecca Guay, painting--
 photo IMG_1978_zpsba575a8b.jpg

My painting--
 photo IMG_1988_zps8e1757e9.jpg

End of the week, display of work and sketching in everyone's sketchbooks--
 photo IMG_2118_zps7935459a.jpg

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