Thursday, June 08, 2017

IMC 2014 -- Illustration Master Class

This year's special guest instructors were Brian and Wendy Froud.  I've long admired their work, so I had to attend!

Illustration Master Class website

Brian Froud brought many of his originals for us to look at--
 photo IMG_7253_zps5e927373.jpg

 photo IMG_7254_zpsaeaa6858.jpg

Greg Ruth and Iain McCaig--
 photo IMG_7256_zpsfa146939.jpg

Greg Ruth, demoing his drybrush method--
 photo IMG_7257_zps361f426c.jpg

 photo IMG_7266_zps4d69d1ca.jpg

Rebecca Guay, Greg Ruth, Dan DosSantos in background--
 photo IMG_7267_zpsf056f629.jpg

Boris Vallejo, painting--
 photo IMG_7276_zps46f3a4c0.jpg

Jeanette and James Gurney with Brian Froud--
 photo IMG_7279_zps83687807.jpg

Allen Williams and James Gurney, painting--
 photo IMG_7290_zpsc561579c.jpg

Rebecca Guay--
 photo IMG_7296_zpsf034c4b8.jpg

Brian Froud--
 photo IMG_7309_zpsd8d29114.jpg

Students working--
 photo IMG_7332_zps12d92a23.jpg

This year we were divided off into different sections--those working in the Froud's section had their own little area--
 photo IMG_7336_zpsbb1397d7.jpg

Those of us working with Brian were mostly doing sketchbook work... sort of concepting fairies... (some of my work, alongside others)--
 photo IMG_7406_zps2545856d.jpg

Outside the World of Froud--
 photo IMG_7415_zps2546988d.jpg

World of Froud, Wendy's work--
 photo IMG_7239_zps32f4bd39.jpg

Wendy Froud's materials--
 photo IMG_7246_zps56b974cb.jpg

Building up from the armature--
 photo IMG_7268_zps97fb0721.jpg

Wendy, working--
 photo IMG_7306_zpsca84d4b6.jpg

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