Thursday, June 08, 2017

Artwork -- Antelope Girl

I took a SmArt School online class with Dan Dos Santos, February-May 2016.  It was fantastic!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Dan's an amazing teacher.

SmArt School Website

The first assignment was a portrait of some kind.

Sketch of a sort of winter queen elf... (yeah, it needs a lot more thought! like can we have something a bit more detailled?  story and personality -wise?)

Digital (Photoshop and Wacom Intuos)

Dan suggested maybe more of a headdress...  I couldn't make it work, snow-queen-wise... My wintery designs were crap.  So I went in another direction... Went for a more desert-like style and changed her to an antelope girl, and made her face 3/4 instead of profile...

Worked up digitally.

Put some texture around the doorway around her, cleaned up outfit--

More work tightening things up--jewelry, hair; put in a door so cast shadow falls across it--

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